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What are the Benefits of a Shower Cubicle in Your Bathroom?

The shower cubicle is a glass enclosure that offers a dedicated indoor space for having a shower. You can position them almost anywhere in the bathroom, depending upon the plumbing. However, a corner is often a place where a shower enclosure is usually fixed. While bathtubs and bath trays are also an option, homeowners prefer shower cubicle in the UK because of their multifaceted benefits.

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Here we have discussed why install shower cubicle in your bathroom.

Benefits of Shower Cubicles

Shower cubicles are much more than shower enclosures. From providing aesthetics to preventing water splashes during the shower, there are many benefits of installing shower cubicles in your bathroom.

Shower Enclosures Provide Privacy

It is your separate dedicated area in the bathroom that provides privacy while showering. So, it is a kind of another room inside the bathroom. Anyone can use other bathroom amenities while you take a shower.

Prevent Water Splashes

One of the significant reasons why shower cubicles are preferred instead of shower trays with over showers is to prevent water splashes. It is not possible to avoid water splashes during the shower that results in wet floors, increasing the possibility of slipping. A shower enclosure with a non-slip shower can keep all water inside the shower area. So other parts of your bathroom remain clean and dry.

Organised Bathroom with Less Maintenance

Installing a shower enclosure will help you organise your bathroom even with low maintenance. This is because your shower area is concealed without less possibility of water splashes. As a result, most of your bathroom will remain dry. So, there will be no mess that requires cleaning or maintenance. Your time needed for cleaning the bathroom significantly. In addition to that, cleaning glass walls are easy and take less time.

Transform the Entire Look of your Bathroom

Shower enclosures separate the showering area from other bathroom parts and look aesthetically pleasing. With the availability of original designs, you can entirely transform the look of your bathroom with shower cubicles. If you use transparent glass, it will help your bathroom feel bigger. It will be the centre of most bathrooms with the first look.

Shower Cubicle is a Modern Trend

Not many houses in the UK had shower enclosures in the past. However, it is becoming trendy now to install them in modern bathrooms. If you are interested in creating a modern look, then a shower enclosure should be a part of it. These give your bathroom a luxurious appeal without being too heavy on your pocket. You can find shower cubicles that suites every budget and range at affordable prices.

Availability of Different Styles and Designs

Shower enclosures are available in different styles and design to suit every type of bathroom’s needs. We have all kinds of shower cubicles available, including rectangular, quadrant, offset, and square shower cubicles. These can be fitted with suitable door options, including sliding, pivot, bifold doors. Each of them creates a different look in the bathroom and is ideal for a specific layout. You should choose the one based on various factors that include your personal preference, space available in the bathroom, the location where you want a shower cubicle to be positioned, and the existence of plumbing.

shower cubicles
Royal Bathrooms

Shower Enclosures at Royal Bathrooms UK

Shower cubicles are an essential part of any modern bathroom. These offer various benefits that include transforming the bathroom include look, providing privacy, preventing water splashes and keeping your bathroom neat. We have a range of high-quality shower enclosure available at the royal bathrooms in the UK.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, either a small bathroom or a large one, we have different sizes available to cater to every type of bathroom’s needs. You can choose from our shower cubicles range based on your requirements like space available, size, style, and personal preference. So whenever you plan next renovation for your bathroom, don’t forget to add a shower enclosure in your list. 


Author: Jessica Martin

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