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What Does Cat6 Plenum Mean?

To form a local area network or LAN you need to get some quality network cables. One such example of networking cable is Ethernet cables. these cables are now being widely used for various networking needs. Now, Ethernet cables such as plenum rated cables comes in different types of qualities. The cat6 plenum 1000ft is one such network cable that is also widely used for several networking needs. 

Cat6 Plenum Cable
New York Cables

What Do We Mean By Cat6 Plenum?

Cat6 cables are basically category 6 cables that have a plenum rated outer jacket. Now this definition seems more like abbreviating what does cat6 means? In reality, the difference in plenum rated and riser cat6 cables are the difference in their outer jacketing. The plenum jacketing is considered far more superior to any other cable jacketing. This is because this coating is specially designed to be used in the plenum space of offices and buildings. It is less toxic and emits non-toxic smoke. This jacketing is coated with a special fire-retardant coating that makes it a fireproof cable to a great extent. The chances of a fire hazard in plenum spaces of commercial buildings are quite high. Therefore, for such places, these cables are specially designed.

Cat6 Plenum Cables
Cat6 Plenum Cables

What Is So Different About Cat6 Plenum Cables?

As discussed above, the major difference between plenum cables and other jacketing options is the difference in the jacket quality. The plenum coating is not like just any other jacket. It’s much improved and offers superior resisting power compared to other jackets such as PVC. The best aspect of this new and enhanced coating is the Fire-retardant feature. As it will use these cables in plenum air spaces so they can keep up with high temperatures and the tough environment of such spaces. They won’t catch fire that easily. So we can conclude that:

Cat6 Cables
Cat6 Cables
  • Cat6 Plenum cables are for plenum air spaces of buildings and offices.
  • They are fire retardant network cable due to the fire-retardant coating.
  • They can sustain themselves in a high-temperature environment without catching fire.

Why Are Plenum Rated Cables Costly?

Considering the specialities of plenum cables, it would be an expensive option compared to the riser cables or the PVC ones. There are many aspects that handle their extra cost:

Better Quality: On aspect is its improved jacket quality compared to other cable types. Its made with premium quality low smoke PVC material. This high-quality PVC material is itself expensive so you have to pay the extra price for it.

Enhanced Safety: You are paying extra for the peace of mind this cable will offer you. As it’s a fire-retardant cable, so you can safely rely on it. It can handle extreme temperatures and prevents from sudden fire accidents.


All in All, the cat6 plenum 1000ft cables are definitely superior and enhanced to any other types of ethernet cable available out there. Its enhanced fire-retardant coating and resistance ability make it the perfect choice for air plenum spaces. So, if you want to get network cables for plenum spaces, simply choose these cables.