Led Recessed Lighting

Lights are very crucial in our daily lives because nobody is able to walk in the dark properly. Lights are needed in the dark places which enable us to see and to make easy movements. So if you want to give brightness to your home Recessed lights as well as LED recessed lighting would be the best choice for you because it enhances the beauty and look of the rooms.


 Recessed lights widely uses for emphasizing any particular area as well as object because these are the lights which can be placed in the ceiling attached with its holder and give light to the downward direction similar to the spotlight. Recessed lighting is divided in to three in to the three main parts in which includes housing, bulb and trim. As far as housing is concerned, it is hidden inside the ceiling and it is the bulk of the fixture and it has electric connections with the fixture. Beside this, Trim is widely used for the decoration perspective because it is the visible part of the fixture and it includes shades, baffles as well reflectors. The last part of recessed lights is bulb which produces the light. These days recessed lighting are becoming very much famous because recessed lighting makes a room feel bigger that’s why these lights are considerable popular in the rooms which are small in size to feel more spacious. If you want the cool and efficient effort so the LED recessed lighting would be the best option for you. It is the latest and contemporary invention of the technology and these days people use this considerably  because it is easy to install as well as it has long span of life. The highlight and important feature of the LED recessed lighting is it is dimmable which people really like. You can use LED for changing the mood of your dining room and living room respectively. Dimmers can install easily and they work considerably with all the systems which are belong to the recessed lighting. You really like the effects of dimmers. Dimmable LED recessed lighting is substantially used in the commercial and residential because it is handy application.

How many pot lights do i need?

If you want to know the quantity of the pot lights you need to measure the room’s dimensions (length and width) in inches and you can note the size and angle of beam from the packaging if you know which light you want to take but there are few manufacturers who don not mention beam angle on their packaging so they only adjust with the flood or spot type so in case you just need to use the default setting which is 110°-120° for BR LED Flood lamps or LED Modules. You can use the calculator for the calculations as well.